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[ Q ]: What is WonderKids Stories?

WonderKids Stories is not a standalone software, plugin, app, or WordPress theme. It’s a ready-to-use animated stories templates, and can edit it using Canva, a free drag-and-drop video editor app.

[ Q ]: How do I edit it? and How’s about compatibility?

The best part is that you don’t need any special software to use Canva. The website is available as an app for Android and Apple devices, as well as an app for Windows and iOS computers, making it easier than ever to make your templates into something that will make your promo go from mediocre to mind-blowing.

[ Q ]: Are the images included?

Yes, all images used in this pack have a license that allow redistribution.

[ Q ]: Do I need a Canva subscription?

No paid Canva subscription is required. All templates can be used in both the free and paid versions. All you need is a Free Canva Account.

[ Q ]: Will WonderKids Stories Work On Both PC and Mac?

Yes, it's works on any device, including mobile! You don't have to be stuck in front of a computer to get your project.

[ Q ]: Are there any more Upsells or Offers?

YES – After purchasing our Main offer, you can Upgrade your purchase to the PRO Packages. Where you’ll get 2300+ New Animation Stories Templates!


Unrestricted PLR License, New Extra Bundle Templates and Extra Exclusive Bonus. So, you can start make money and claim full authorship of the product, edit the contents, and sell it further with PLR for your big client!

[ Q ]: Can you please elaborate on your PLR License ?

With PLR License, you can sell the product, edit the contents, and sell it further to your buyer. That means after buying from you, even your customers are allowed to use this product as their service. And you get to keep all the profits you make.

Everything already we mentioned and displayed in these Sales Page.

We are selling Templates. So what you see here is what you’ll get inside!

To Make Your Business Fly Higher,

Arifianto Rahardi and Creative Team


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[ Q ]: How do I Access my Templates?

After successfully payment, you will received email to customer page Membership, and you’ll be directed to access area of WonderKids Stories.

[ Q ]: Is There any Money Back Guarantee?

No, All Sales Are Final. We DO NOT offer any refund for this product, since you get unrestricted use for the material and We don’t want people to get access, download everything and immediately ask for a refund. It’s unethical and disrespectful to us and other customers, since the module content inside is highly valuable and useful.

We will protect our products and ourselves from individuals who can take advantage of money back guarantee. Filing a dispute or chargeback will not result in a refund and your access will be automatically permanently ban.

DUPLICATE PURCHASE: In the event of a billing error or duplicate billing, We will investigate the matter and issue a full refund or we provide access to our other products if deemed necessary.

Premium Children's Video Stories Ready for Immediate Use

Easily personalize dynamic video templates using Canva's intuitive drag-and-drop video editor, all for free.

What is The Best You Can Get :

Every asset is exclusively crafted by our team, rather than sourced from free stock footage.

Our team crafts stories both unique and simple, with uplifting lessons tailored for children.

Our team crafts every video from the ground up, guaranteeing both uniqueness and top-notch quality.

Get access to Private Label Rights, allowing you to rebrand, resell, and retain 100% of the profits generated!

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Dive into the Exciting World of Kids' Animation and Drama Shows!

Did you know that the global market for kids' animation shows and dramas was valued at USD 5,940.63 million in 2021? And it's projected to soar to USD 8,001.4 million by 2027, growing at a remarkable rate of 5.09% annually!

The COVID-19 pandemic sparked an unprecedented surge in demand for these shows, surpassing pre-pandemic levels across all regions. This sudden rise in growth can be attributed to the market's resilience and its swift return to pre-pandemic norms.

This Dynamic Sector of the Entertainment Industry Offers Boundless Opportunities for Growth and Profitability!

With an increasing demand for high-quality content tailored for children and young audiences, the market continues to thrive. From captivating animated series to engaging dramas, the offerings are diverse and designed to enchant young viewers.

As technology advances and audience preferences evolve, this market shows no signs of slowing down. You can imagine & see the ever-evolving landscape of kids' entertainment now!

Something Truly Special and Valuable For You to Offer to a Wide



Transform your digital product offerings with our captivating children's video stories! Our innovative approach combines lively animations and professional voiceovers to create engaging and educational content. Each video is expertly crafted by our team to ensure outstanding quality and originality, perfect for delighting young audiences. Dive into the world of digital storytelling and watch your products shine!

Let Me Share What WonderKids Stories Can Do For Your Business

Here’s what's included with WonderKids Stories :

Access to Private Label Rights

Personalize, assert authorship, and resell WonderKids Stories to retain all your profits.

Numerous Collections

Dive into a treasure trove of captivating, exclusive, and meticulously crafted video stories tailored just for kids.

Multipurpose Video Template

Use Multipurpose Video Templates, easily editable with Canva : free drag-and-drop video editor.

Animated Video Story

Each video templates is bundled with charming animations that grab attention viewers.

Narration for Every Story

Voiceovers are provided for every story; you have the option to replace them with your own

Unique and Fresh Story

Our team crafts each story uniquely, providing simplicity and imparting positive lessons for children.

Pipit's Journey - The Brave Little Bird

Stories Vertical Edition

Images You Can Use

The Adventures of Timmy the Turtle

The Magical Garden

The Lost Treasure of Captain Jack

Emma and the Enchanted Mirror

Bobby's Big Balloon Adventure

Polly's Pirate Treasure Hunt

The Mystery of Moonstone Manor

The Brave Explorers - An Environmental Adventure

A Tale of Friendship and Courage

Aria's Time Adventures

Gempita's Adventure in Acceptance

The Brave Young Fishermen

Magical Adventures The Hidden Door in the Library

A Frog's Journey to Humility

Adventure in the Zoo A Lesson in Conservation

Brave Coast Guard Kid

Adventure on the Remote Island

The Peace Maker

Adventure in the Lost City

Tommy's Time-Traveling Telescope

Terry the Tortoise

Leo The Lion

Rosie the Brave Fox

Mia's Book Haven

Unity in the Forest

Kiko and the Little Bird

The Little Prince's Journey

The Story of a Loyal Guard Dog

Adventures in the Magic Book

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Yes! We’ve Designed These Just For You!

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WonderKids Stories Will Do ALL Of The Following (And More) For You:


User Friendly

Our video animation templates are extremely user-friendly. You don’t need any prior experience or technical skills to use it. 

You can change all the elements in our template easily..

100% Created From Canva Free Account

There is no need for you to download and install anything. Just sign up and you can access our templates from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection available you are good to go!

Easily Customize

You can easily customize all the colors, elements, and fonts with just a few clicks.

Upload Your Own Unlimited Images, Videos and Audios

You can upload images, videos and audio to our templates without limits.

Share on Your Social Media With 1 Click

Once you've edited the WonderKids Stories template, you can share it on your social media with one click.

Unlimited Export

With WonderKids Stories Templates, you can export videos and designs for all your marketing needs without limits

Why WonderKids Stories?

Get Best Quality Animation Stories Instantly

You no longer need to rely on complex video programs like After Effect, Premier, Vegas, or even PowerPoint. WonderKids Stories provides you with high-quality results in just a few clicks.

Unlimited Access

Unlike other video tools, you can create, access, and download as many templates as you want without any limits or restrictions. You’ll never run out of ideas or get bored with the same animation videos.

Save Thousands - No Paying HIGH Monthly Fee To Subscription

Stop paying $500 or more per month for just one video animation. With WonderKids Stories, you pay only once with no hidden costs to worry about.

Save Time And Energy

With WonderKids Stories, you don't have to jump from site to site looking for the perfect video animations for your projects. Choose our animation templates and create your video animations in a matter of seconds!

Unlimited Customizations

With our premium templates, you can create, edit or customize anything about any text, image (or video) to make it your own and unique. You can add any type of effect to the WonderKids Stories templates.

Get PLR License Included

You can create and sell your animation templates under your name without any restrictions or limitations. You have complete control over the usage of animations you create with WonderKids Stories.

Adi's Time Learning the Value of Time

Stories Square Edition

Leo's Lesson Embracing Humility

Maya's Village Embracing Tranquility and Patience

Exploring Wildlife Learning and Respecting Nature

Dinosaur Adventure Journeying Back to Prehistoric Times

The Enchanted Forest Fiasco

The Magical Marble Maze

The Magical Music Box

Katie and the Kite Festival

Anna's Scientific Journey

The Strong Bond of Friendship

The Loyal Companion

Maya's Ballet Dream

The Dreamer's Resolve

Lily's Brave Adventure

The Secret Door to Dinosaur World

Desert Adventure

The Dreamer Who Achieved

Milo, the Curious Monkey

Mia's Marvelous Museum

The Dreamer's Adventure

The Brave Child's Adventure

Adit's Responsible Adventure

The Brave Trio

Ali's Persistent Dream

Benny's Loving Family

The Environmental Heroes

Kiko's Time Adventure

The Joy of Biodiversity

Alex's Triumph The Hardworking Athlete

Unleash the Potential of Animated Videos, Elevate Engagement by 10x

Hey, kids may still have a soft spot for books, but in 2024, it's all about video and animation. With children glued to screens, animation takes the cake for entertainment, doesn't it?

Look no further than the billions of views children's videos rack up on YouTube for evidence. Yet, surprisingly few have ventured into this niche. It's an expansive, untapped market brimming with potential.

Now, the question beckons: How do we dive into this incredible and lucrative market?

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